Advertising Rates

Ratecard, subject to terms and conditions (all prices are quoted excluding UK VAT at the prevailing rate)

Property Listing - Holiday Lettings Price Notes
Verbier Chalet or Apartment Listing Free, plus 10% commission plus VAT

Featured Listing - Home page on rotation

GBP150.00 p.a. plus 10% commission exc. VAT
Featured Listing - Always visible on Home Page GBP300.00 p.a. plus 10% commission exc. VAT
OUR PARTNERS - Home page banners GBP300.00 p.a. or random placement reduced to CHF250.00 for 2 banners excl VAT

Property Listing - Advertising your property for Sale

Chalet or Apartment Listing GBP50.00 p.a. Listing reduces to GBP35.00 p.a. each for 10 or more listings. N.B. Verbier Chalets is not an estate Agent, listing is for advertising purposes only.

Business Directory Listing (excluding property)

Dedicated Page GBP150.00 p.a. Up to 1,500 words excluding images
Banner - top 3 placing GBP150.00 p.a. Excluding images
Banner (150x120) GBP50.00 p.a.  
Our Partners Banner GBP150.00 p.a.  
Exclusive business listing GBP500.00 p.a. No competitor businesses advertised on Verbier Chalets

Pay per Click advertising possible (enquire)

* It is a condition of advertising your property on Verbier Chalets that commission is not added to the price of any offer as compared with prices advertised elsewhere whether online or offline where your property is advertised or listed for free. Verbier Chalets reserves the right to remove any listing without refund if this condition is not met by the advertiser.

* Advertisers are expected to provide offers for all available weeks without prejudice in respect of any weeks regardless of the period.

*Our terms and conditions state that payment of commission is expected 7 days after the holiday balance has been received. Any commission payment not received by the first day of the scheduled holiday will be subject to an interest charge. Please see our terms and conditions for more details. Thank you for your understanding.