Verbier Apartments

The first thing to note about Verbier apartments is that they come in a wide variety of sizes, locations and quality. Larger Verbier apartments are often caled "chalets" since the local planning authority has been diligent to defend the traditional alpine look and feel of the village and nearby hamlets. In fact there are many apartment blocks in Verbier that contain many of the amenities you would expect but look to all intents and purposes like large chalets. So at Verbier Chalets we use "Verbier Chalets" and "Verbier Apartments" fairly interchangeably.

So without being overly constrained by definitions, we do like to provide a start to finish advisory service helping holidaymakers secure suitable  Verbier accommodation.  Whether you are seeking the ideal property with twin beds suitable for groups of friends or corporate executives or a family style chalet or apartment our selection of properties will likely be able to introduce the right ones to you.

Some apartments surprise with the amenities on offer. It is quite common for Verbier apartments to have either dedicated or access to saunas, hot tubs and even the occasional gym for the exercise nut! We also see quite a few apartments that are connected, so if you have a group that can't quite fit into the standard 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, we might be able to suggestone where the connection allows for larger groups. In fact such has been the chalet and apartment building boom in the last 20 years, there is often an answer to all kinds of questions posed by different sized groups and parties.

Likely as not you might have visited Verbier and stayed in our luxury propertie already. In that case it would be tremendously useful for us to know where you stayed before and what worked or did not work for you. Obviously in as large a resort as Verbier, location is a key ingredient in planning a successful holiday. With apartments dotted all over Verbier village, this shouldn't be hard to achieve apart from during the wonderful craziness of New Year's week or UK half term.

If you have stayed with us before or even if this is the first time you have contacted us, please do feel that you can give any of our team a call and talk through your objectives for your upcoming winter or summer Verbier holiday. We have some luxurious apartments that will appeal to the most discerning client as well as some more everyday apartments and it is always worth asking us even for a last minute Verbier apartment. Sometimes the owners do call us to find last minuted holidays when they have had an unfortunate last minute cancellation etc. Its a good idea to ask in any case.

So please do lean on Verbier Chalets to find your apartment holiday and let us help you sort out the details.

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