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Getting around Verbier

   Verbier buses

Arriving in Verbier

There are many options when coming in to town here in Verbier. We recommend one of the public transportation options but arriving by car is possible also.

Arriving by Train

Taking the train to Verbier might be the easiest and most convenient. Trains commute between Verbier and Geneva on a regular schedule and you’ll arrive in Le Chable from which it’s possible to take a gondola, grab a bus, or hire a taxi.

Our recommendation? Take the bus from Le Chable and get dropped at the central station in Verbier.

Find your train tickets and times at the SBB home page.

Arriving by Air

Grab the cheapest ticket you can find in to Geneva airport, the jump-off point for your Verbier adventure.

Looking for great airfare rates? Try Skyscanner, an airfare search engine with some of the best results anywhere.

Once your feet are on the ground and you’ve got your ski bag in hand, we recommend you follow our suggestions for travel by train to Verbier. See the section above for details on finding your train ticket to Verbier and enjoy the ride!

 Flights to Verbier

Arriving by Car

Be wary of winter road conditions and check them here before you leave. Weather reports are always at the tip of your finger these days so don’t start your drive without checking first!

It’s highly recommended by many that you choose a public transportation method for your trip to help alleviate potential problems but, if you’re going to drive, be sure to read this exceptionally helpful driving document by Verbiernet.

Be comfortable with winter mountain driving and expect to pay road tolls during your drive.

Getting Around Verbier

Taxis in Verbier

Once you’re in Verbier you may choose to hire a taxi for local transportation. Of course a quick local search will return tons of business phone numbers so never hesitate to use your phone!

Taxis can be prohibitively expensive so be cautious when planning.

When planning your trip, it might be helpful to write down the numbers of a few local taxis including:

Snow Limousine Taxi:  +41 (0) 78 625 74 95

Mountain Taxi:  +41079-440-7270

AlpineXpress Transfers:  +44 (0)207 193 8213

Verbier Buses and Shuttles

In Verbier you’ll find busses which run at 15 minute intervals around town. The service provides four main lines and there is a bus leaving or arriving nearly constantly.

Did we mention that the bus system is totally FREE? Check it out here.

This system serves the route from Carrefour to Verbier village and operates from 8am until 6pm. Several of the bus lines, dependent on the day of the week, start running even earlier!

Getting Around by Foot or Skis

Every town in the Four Valleys is accessible in one manner or another on skis.

A massive network of ski lifts, runs, trail and piste choices can get you from any one point to another.

It’s even often possible to take a bus, grab a chair lift, ski down, snag a train ride, and repeat the process until you’ve gotten yourself anywhere you’d like to go. Get creative and take a look at the local trail maps!