Swiss National Day in Verbier


If you find yourself in Switzerland on the 1st of August then trust us at Verbier Chalets when we say you are on for a real treat! The Swiss National Day or as they would say Fête Nationale Suisse is celebrated each year on August 1st and is held as an official holiday in the country. It’s a great time to find yourself in the country with every city, town, village and community hosting its own individual full programme of exciting events and activities. The Swiss like to head to the mountains to indulge on regional delicacies, partake in traditional national pastimes such as alphorn blowing and flag throwing before heading to elevated spots to light bonfires and release fireworks. Everywhere you go you will be inundated with national, cantonal, and community flags including buildings, clothing, and strangely all over your food. Even the bakers will make sure your simple bread roll has a small swiss cross stamped on it.

The focus of this day is all about the local community inspired by the signing on the Federal Charter in 1291 where the three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden formed an alliance. Considered one of Switzerland's most important founding documents and the seal of the Swiss Confederacy This alliance was to become the focal point around which the Switzerland of today was built over the next 500 years. Communal celebrations tend to incorporate inspiring speeches from prominent public figures and politicians accompanied by impressive parades, concerts, traditional music and more.


In Verbier the Kermasse de Verbier run the show celebrating its national day with a range of activities taking place on the Rue de la Poste from the 31st July until the early hours of the 2nd of August. At the market expect beautiful craft stalls, interactive entertainment including clowns, barrel organ and fairground activities. As you would imagine the Swiss have a plentiful supply of food and drink with many well stocked outdoor stalls and bars to keep you occupied. Like most of Switzerland verbier finish things off with a spectacular fireworks display and concert. For more information about this years events take a look at the Kermasse de verbier site here.

Nearby villages of Val de Bagnes all the local community all get together to produce enormous 10 meters high beacons from wood collected over the entire summer from local saw mills. Come nightfall, after everyone has had their fill of the gargantuan barbeque and raclette au feu de bois over the wood fire the beacons are illuminated, usually by a pretty jolly Swiss local and is a spectacular sight not to be missed! For something even more traditional the village of Versegeres hosts a very traditional farm style brunch street party along with other patriotic challenges and festivities.

So there you have it with Verbiers jam packed programme there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the celebrations so have yourself a  great Swiss National Day!


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