Verbier Self-Catered Chalets

Saying that, we rarely if ever receive complaints because we know the operators and many of the owners whose self catered apartments and self catered chalets appear on this site. We don't just publish anything without oversight. When planning a self-catered holiday in Verbier it is really important that you understand the layout of Verbier.

Some properties are quite far from the village center or even to the ski lifts. Since with self-catered chalet bookings there it is extremely rare to provide a car service around the resort, you do need to consider location and distance from the shopping, restaurants and over local amenities you might wish to use during your unforgettable Verbier holiday. 

Alternatively you will probably have a bit more freedom to secure suitable properties (or at least better value for money) Verbier selfcatered properties if you rent a vehicle(s) for the duration of your stay. There is also an efficient local bus network within Verbier and the local villages although understandably getting on and off buses with ski gear on is far from ideal.

Suffice to say, there are lots of properties available on a self-catered basis in Verbier that you might be interested and you can see what's on offer at

One of my favourite self-catered Verbier apartments is the luxurious and comfortable Apartment Benito, which you can see more details of at

If you want to be fairly close to Medran you could consider booking Chalet Ambriel which is a very nice chalet and you can see more detials  at

It is worth mentioning that there is often and big difference in service standard from the tour operator between self-catered chalets and catered chalets. The catered chalets are generally provided with staff, not only to cook and present food, but also to clean the chalet and in the more prestigious Verbier chalets, they drivers and vehicles, daily cleaners for housekeeping and concierge services are provided. Self-catered chalets are generall rented on a rental basis only typically with bedlinen and towels and an end of stay clean. It is important to check before booking what services are provided with self-catered chalets or even Verbier self-catered apartments and whether this matches your requirements.

Do drop Verbier Chalets a line to discuss any requirements further for summer, winter or inter-season bookings.