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Catered Verbier Chalets at the top end of the scale some Verbier catered chalets offer an entirely bespoke service with as much involvement in the catering decisionmaking as you would wish for. Although most chalet companies offer their standard catering and food sourcing, for those offering a bespoke service, it is important to check whether there are any fundamental additions to the cost of the holiday if perchance your tastes run to more exotic food choices.

We can run you through which catered chalet offers which type of service and what the supplements are.No catered chalet Verbier meal is complete without complementary wines and spirits. Please let us know what your preferencs and budgets are and we will help ensure that the right wines go with the sorts of menus that you prefer, even if these fall outside the wines that each chalet might include in the catering package. Verbier being a prestige resort has some exceptional chalets with catering of the highest order and we look forward to helping you select excactly the right Verbier catered holiday to leave you with great memories and a relaxing time while you take time off from the business of daily life!

We do have some frequently asked questions, but we prefer to speak to you in person. This way you can tell what kind of ski holidays you have enjoyed previously, how good the skiing you and your group enjoy. Sometimes we need to have a catered ski chalet suitable for children or a group of single adults or any combination of chalet guests. At Verbier Chalets we will talk you through in detail what the options are. Whether you need gourmet catering with made to order meals or more relaxed mealtime with a good amount of food suitable for hungry skiers but without being delivered  by a Michelin chef.....although that of course is possible.

Basically, we get excited when our clients enjoy the chalet, service and catering of high quality catered luxury Verbier Chalets. That means that any excuse we get and with your permission,. we would be more than happy to welcome you to ski and holiday in Verbier and the rest of the epic mountains of the 4 valleys. Of course after a hard day of skiing or snowboarding we understand that a high quality chalet with hamman or jacuzzi and a glass of fine champagne cannot be bettered, so we make sure that if that's what you are seeking, we find it for your.  Ski, sauna, food & bed. Eat, ski, sleep.  OK, any combination will do as long as you are happy with the catered ski chalet that we find for you. 

We more or less want to know from every client that we have provided exactly the right level of service for the catered Verbier chalet that has been offered by the luxury private chalet owner or operator. We can't stress enough, or at all in fact, over how selecting the right chalet at the outset is the best way to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable stay in Verbier.

As you might have guessed....we love the mountains....and were taught to share!

Happy Verbier Holiday!